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An example gallery showing the style used in our existing circles. For more information see www.photo-folios.co.uk
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Comma and Exclamation Marks732 viewsAnother image from our day at Wisley in July.
I have tried to avoid using Natural History subjects for Circle 3, but as this Comma is on a garden plant (an Echinacea I believe), it is less suitable as a strictly wildlife image. I liked the picture for its shapes and textures, rather than as an illustration of the butterfly itself. I had a couple of photos. This one had a really sharp butterfly but some of the flower head was blurred. I borrowed the clear spikes from the other picture. I also had to get rid of the pink in the lower right corner which just showed in the final crop. I did this with the Colour Replacement tool.
Sentinel677 viewsCorfe Castle taken late evening October
I'm an Idiot, What's Your Excuse?935 viewsBlackpool is a bit of a dump but is worth a visit to photograph the fireworks in September, the new comedy carpet shown here and the inside of the Winter Gardens. The rest is awful so do not book a holiday. An hour is enough!

The comedy carpet is 150m x 150m and is a tribute to all the comedy acts who have played Blackpool. Perspective is your enemy and it is hard to isolate a good bit. I asked a random passing beer swilling drunk to pose, he was more than willing and several blokey beer hugs later I had the shot I wanted and a new friend for life. Who said photography was always fun and never dangerous?

(Please read all camera details above to fully appreciate the shot!)

PS To be fair to my model, I picked him carefully. He was a very happy drunk and was with a more sober wife and 2 young kids and caused me no harm and I felt safe approaching him! But he did look like he had enjoyed himself and was a little OVER-REFRESHED shall say!
King of the Road678 viewsHopefully something a little different
Eyeing the Cheese725 viewsTaken next to Elaine`s pots at Blaenavon. This the next image to the finished one because that one became corrupted. Used levels, cropped and straightened. Nasty looking man.
Woodland Spotlight658 viewsOn a ramble in Sutton Park in October near to where the AGM was, we stumbled upon this. No other excuse.
Tulip711 viewsOne of a series of still life images in June. Window light and a reflector. Hot breath on jug to mist over highlight window reflection.
Through a Glass Darkly645 viewsThis is Hetty's Room in Hellens Manor, reputedly one of the most haunted houses in England. I must admit to not seeing anything remotely spooky or untoward whilst I was there, so you can just imagine my surprise when I downloaded the pics to my computer and saw this one.
I swear blind that this hasn't been anywhere near Photoshop :)
And if you believe that ...............
Severn Bridge668 viewsNot a lot to say about this. Pretty much as taken. Just cropped a bit and generally tweaked.
We May Never Be Here Again682 viewsA grab shot for no particular reason that I later took a fancy to for some reason. A bit of cloning out and leaving just a hint of colour gave what I thought to be a rather romantic and wistful result. It’s somewhere in Italy, and the people are unknown.
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