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These are example galleries showing the style used in our existing circles.
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Comma and Exclamation Marks871 viewsAnother image from our day at Wisley in July.
I have tried to avoid using Natural History subjects for Circle 3, but as this Comma is on a garden plant (an Echinacea I believe), it is less suitable as a strictly wildlife image. I liked the picture for its shapes and textures, rather than as an illustration of the butterfly itself. I had a couple of photos. This one had a really sharp butterfly but some of the flower head was blurred. I borrowed the clear spikes from the other picture. I also had to get rid of the pink in the lower right corner which just showed in the final crop. I did this with the Colour Replacement tool.
Sentinel795 viewsCorfe Castle taken late evening October
King of the Road815 viewsHopefully something a little different
Eyeing the Cheese858 viewsTaken next to Elaine`s pots at Blaenavon. This the next image to the finished one because that one became corrupted. Used levels, cropped and straightened. Nasty looking man.
Woodland Spotlight782 viewsOn a ramble in Sutton Park in October near to where the AGM was, we stumbled upon this. No other excuse.
Tulip854 viewsOne of a series of still life images in June. Window light and a reflector. Hot breath on jug to mist over highlight window reflection.
Through a Glass Darkly774 viewsThis is Hetty's Room in Hellens Manor, reputedly one of the most haunted houses in England. I must admit to not seeing anything remotely spooky or untoward whilst I was there, so you can just imagine my surprise when I downloaded the pics to my computer and saw this one.
I swear blind that this hasn't been anywhere near Photoshop :)
And if you believe that ...............
Severn Bridge804 viewsNot a lot to say about this. Pretty much as taken. Just cropped a bit and generally tweaked.
We May Never Be Here Again819 viewsA grab shot for no particular reason that I later took a fancy to for some reason. A bit of cloning out and leaving just a hint of colour gave what I thought to be a rather romantic and wistful result. It’s somewhere in Italy, and the people are unknown.
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